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Viscom - Solutions and systems for all the electronics industry's inspection tasks 
Viscom develops, manufactures and sells high-quality inspection systems. The product portfolio encompasses the complete bandwidth of optical and X-ray inspection operations, especially in the area of electronics assemblies. Viscom systems are used whenever 100 % automatic inspection of electronics assemblies is required, such as in the production of automotive electronics, aerospace technology and industrial electronics. The objective is a flawless product for the customer and efficient process control. Viscom is a one of the leading suppliers in this segment.

From an engineering office to a global player 
Viscom was founded in 1984 as a pioneer of industrial image processing by Dr. Martin Heuser and Dipl.-Ing. Volker Pape. Today, the group employs a staff of almost 300 worldwide. With its core competence in assembly inspection, Viscom is an important partner to numerous companies in electronics manufacturing. Renowned customers worldwide place their trust in Viscom's experience and innovative strength.

Ensure quality, optimize processes 
Electronics has revolutionized the world. It plays an important role in almost all areas of life. Material weaknesses or production errors result in economic disadvantages for the manufacturer. The consequences for the end user can be fatal, particularly for safety-relevant components. For these reasons, stringent and steadily increasing quality requirements in the electronics industry make sense. Thus, 100% defect detection is the goal for all Viscom inspection systems.

Perfectly tailored solutions for every inspection task 
The demands placed on Viscom inspection systems are becoming increasingly specific. Highly qualified engineers develop tailored inspection solutions in close cooperation with our customers. With our global presence, we ensure smooth system integration, optimized processes, comprehensive training and complete support. Quickly, efficiently and competently.


Bestseller among in-line X-ray systems

Inspection of electronics assemblies populated on one or both sides

Greatest flexibility through 3D, 2.5D or 2D AXI

Flat Panel Detectors (FPD) or image intensifiers (depending on application)

High inspection depth through XM 3D or 8 M camera technology

Viscom Quality Uplink: process optimization and first-pass yield increase

Comprehensive IPC-compliant AXI inspection library

Best in-line AXI resolution for maximum fault coverage

Optional AOI integration with no loss of speed

Optional: Open or sealed X-ray tube

S3088 3D SPI

Reliable 3D SPI with Quality Uplink, process control and DualView

Precise control of all essential 3D features; calibration-free

Extremely high throughput due to FastFlow Handling

Integrated height tracking 

Viscom Quality Uplink: process optimization and first-pass yield increase

Simple process analysis with the Viscom Uplink Analyzer

Fast program generation 

Print optimization through interlinkage with printer (closed loop)

S3088 ultra – High-Speed 3D AOI

S3088 flex – Flexible AOI

Very reliable high-speed 3D inspection for soldered connections

Extremely fast AOI camera system

Scalable, modular camera technology with 3D measuring function

Greatest inspection depth: reliable inspection of 03015 und fine-pitch components

Maximum fault coverage - 9 views plus 3D measurement

Best resolution at angled views

Height measurement of components

Extremely high throughput due to FastFlow Handling

Revolutionary simplicity in AOI operation with vVision

Fast program generation with vVision/EasyPro

Reading DataMatrix code, bottom up

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