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Interflux® Electronics N.V. has always been in the forefront when it comes to innovative development of soldering chemistry. IF2005M, the first of its kind body-free, No-residueTM flux was conceived, produced and made successful by the Interflux® Group. Furthermore, Interflux was one of the first to offer a high performance, high quality completely VOC-free line of soldering fluxes: the PacIFic series. With IF 14, Interflux introduced a solder wire chemistry with brushable residues, a property that is still unique today.

The Revolutionary Selective Jet Fluxer is designed to control the amount of flux for each solder joint without losing the ability to maintain the required cycle time demanded by wave soldering processes. The Jet technology used replaces completely the need of spray technology. As a result, the ICSF-Select offers a Total Flux Process control needed for today’s more demanding and complicated soldering requirements, especially lead-free processes.
√ Environmental friendly
√ Up to 95% less flux usage
√ Less maintenance chemicals
√ Longer life of PCB carriers/pallets
√ Tremendous reduction in flux fumes going into the exhaust/environment
√ Solderability Performance
The ability to program points, lines, multi-lines, areas allows the engineer to decide how much flux/pressure is required for certain solder joints up to complete areas. This capability opens up the process window without risking excess of flux residues. Thanks to the XY-movement speed up to 1,500 mm/s, the cycle time will be up to the standard required for wave soldering mass production.