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Teknek are world leaders in manufacturing solutions for the contact sheet cleaning and web cleaning sector. With operating facilities throughout the world and an intricate understanding of the client's manufacturing process, Teknek have been the first choice supplier to their customer base for nearly three decades. An ethos of continuous innovation and improvement means that the company remains at the forefront of yield improvement solutions for the many sectors in which it operates.

From its state-of-the-art production facilities in the UK , Teknek designs and manufactures a number of solutions to help reduce contaminants and improve yields in the manufacturing process. To find out more click on the Markets button above or contact us now.



Teknek was founded in 1978, supplying consumables to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry worldwide.

  • In 1984 Teknek started to develop a contact cleaning technology to meet the growing need for high levels of surface cleanliness required in the electronics industry, particularly PCB manufacturers. The first generation Clean Machines were an instant success. Almost immediately, customers reported incredible yield improvement, which cascaded straight to the 'bottom line', increased yields, increased profits. The Teknek Clean Machine soon became the industry standard and an integral part of any PCB production line.
  • Other industries were also identified as having processes that were sensitive to dust and static electricity and specific machines were designed and developed for Copper Laminate and Copper Foil manufacturers, Screen-printers and SMT companies.
  • In the early 1990's, Teknek developed a range of machines for the Converting industry, catering for Narrow web Label printers, speciality coating companies and applications up to 4,000mm wide. Other developments for this market sector are on going.
  • With exports accounting for more than 90% of business, Teknek has installed more than 15,000 clean machines world-wide. Facilities have also been opened in Hong Kong, Japan, Benelux, Germany, China, Thailand and India to support our first-class technical service and sales support. A network of distributors and representatives also offer sales and support throughout 40 countries world wide.
  • At Teknek, we continually strive to develop ideas that have one purpose in mind - Yield Improvement. We are the world's leading supplier of yield improvement products to the PCB and Converting markets, and our continuous investment into Research and Development and CAD ensure that we will remain at the forefront of our markets for the future.


Core Value


Teknek not only develops and delivers a stream of value-adding products and services, it is also always looking at how it can improve the way that we design, make and deliver these products to add repeating value to your business.


The breadth and depth of Teknek's expertise in markets processes, support is unique and this creates value for the customer in terms of solution selection and provision.


Teknek's products work, they are well supported, have the best performance, the fastest return on investment and are the most widely used.




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